Here’s what we chatted about on today’s show.

A 48-year-old man from Italy broke the country’s lockdown when he needed some space after an argument with his wife . . . and hiked for a WEEK with no supplies.  He wound up 280 miles away when the cops caught him. His wife had to drive across the country to get him . . . and when she got there, the cops made her pay his $480 fine for violating the coronavirus restrictions.

A couple in the U.K. who bumped their wedding from July to this weekend have had to bump their wedding again . . . because the venue they booked is going to be used as a vaccine distribution site.

This is the one time you’re REQUIRED to wear a mask to a bank, and criminals still screw it up.  The police in Mississippi are looking for a guy who pulled down his face mask while he was robbing a bank . . . giving the cameras a clear look at his face.