Despite being on of rock’s most iconic and beloved drummers, the Doors‘ John Densmore never has his own officially sanctioned pair of drumsticks — until now. Now available through are “The Doors 7A drumsticks.” The stick’s handle includes a graphic of John Densmore’s signature as well as the Doors logo — with the following specs: Size: 7A Length: 15 inches Wood: Maple Color: Black.

John Densmore said in a statement announcing the signature brandI’ve been waiting all my life to have a drum stick in my name. I thought, now that I’m almost dead, that the drum companies would step up but… never mind. . . I got to design it myself!


  • Last November, Doors drummer John Densmore published his third book, titled, The Seeker: Meetings With Remarkable Musicians (And Other Artists).
  • The book collected Densmore’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences with such major players as Lou Reed, Van MorrisonJanis JoplinJerry Lee Lewis, and Willie Nelson — not to mention his time in the Doors with the band’s infamous frontman, the late-Jim Morrison.

CHECK IT OUT: The Doors in December 1968 performing “Touch Me” live on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: