Christmas Candy is a big part of the season, but not all candies are created equal. surveyed 11,000 of its customers to find the least-popular Christmas candies, and coming in 11th place was the classic peppermint candy cane, in 10th place was ribbon candy, in 9th place was peppermint bark, 8th place: non-peppermint candy canes, 7th place: old-fashioned hard candy mix, 6th place: chocolate orange, 5th place: Peeps, 4th place: reindeer corn (candy corn that comes in Christmas colors), 3rd place: Lifesavers Storybooks, 2nd place: Christmas nougat candy, and 1st place, the worst Christmas candy: cherry cordials. Which Christmas candy is your least-favorite, and do you usually enjoy peppermint candy canes?