A Washington state federal judge has ruled that despite Chris Cornell‘s widow’s claims, Soundgarden are not withholding royalties. Judge Michelle Peterson has also recommended that two of Vicky Cornell‘s claims against the band be thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Cornell sued remaining Soundgarden members Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron in December of 2019 over claims that they were “withholding hundreds of thousand of dollars in royalties.” She also alleged that the band’s manager, Rit Venerus, wasn’t looking out for her best interests since taking over Chris’ estate when he died in 2017.

Billboard reports Peterson found that Venerus is “not (Cornell’s) advisor,” there is insufficient evidence to state that the band withheld money from Cornell or that they used the funds to pay for any legal fees involved the case.

The case will now be reviewed by Robert S. Lasnik, who will have the final say.