Slipknot are back with a brand new single, their first new song since the release of their 2019 album ‘We are Not Your Kind’. The track is titled The Chapeltown Rag and is said to be named after the West Yorkshire suburb Chapeltown, known for being where some of the Yorkshire Ripper murders took place.

Get Buehler’s take below

Chapeltown Rag is exactly what I expect from “new Slipknot” it has a brutal drum beat, blistering guitars and a huge sounding chorus. That being said, this song very easily blends in with everything else than band has released since 2014’s The Grey Chapter. I’d go as far as to say Volume 3 was the bands last decent/unique sounding album, except that 2008’s All Hope is Gone had a few surprises throughout that kept it interesting. That all being said, am I still going to buy this album and see them tour over the upcoming months? Yes… of course! ~Buehler