As we near Halloween, a lot of us are re-watching old favorites in the good old horror genre. We can beg the question, “which is the best scary movie?” but that’s been asked so many times before. Something that NEVER fails to freak people out are BASEMENTS….so which movie or show has the scariest one?

Well, a company called the Ohio Basement Company compiled a list after a poll, and this is what the verdict came to.

1.  “Silence of the Lambs”

2.  “Get Out”

3.  “The Evil”  (A 1978 movie you’ve probably never heard of.)

4.  “Psycho”

5.  “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

6.  “The Amityville Horror”

7.  “Stranger Things”

8.  “The Evil Dead”

9.  “The Rock Horror Picture Show”

10.  “The Grudge”

11.  “Parasite”

12.  “A Quiet Place”

13.  “Misery”

14.  “The Exorcist”

I think this list is TOTALLY unfinished…has anyone seen the basement from the chapter one remake of “IT” ???? That’s numero uno on my personal list, but you decide for yourself.