Sammy Hagar says that the proposed Van Halen reunion would have been a “dream come true.” In interview excerpts posted by, Hagar said that the late Eddie Van Halen had thought about a “kitchen sink tour” and would have included bass player Michael Anthony and vocals from both Hager and David Lee Roth.

Hagar had heard about it and said, “No one had confirmed any of it, but it was obviously what was gonna happen.”

About David Lee Roth, he said, “I wouldn’t look forward to having to share the stage with Dave, only because he’s not user friendly. I love the guy, I love the music, and all that, but he’s just not user friendly.”

In more detail, he said that Roth would always try and pull something that would “make you look bad and make him look good.” But clarified – that wouldn’t be enough to keep him away, stating that “it would have been a blast.”

In other Van Halen news… Wolfgang, the son of Eddie Van Halen, just released his first solo single called “Distance,” which debuted at #1 on this week’s Hot Hard Rock Songs chart.


  • Van Halen’s first hit was “You Really Got Me” from 1978. It peaked at #36.
  • Their first #1 hit was “Jump”… 5 weeks at #1 in 1984.