Roger Daltrey fears that the entire music industry — and its wide range of careers and services — will be forever shut down unless quick relief comes to its workers. The Who frontman took time out to appear on “In the Coop” web series with Fustercluck co-founder and activist, Keith Levenson to talk about the pandemic woes killing the industry.

Fustercluck productions is primarily a music parody company that’s raising awareness and money for MusiCares to help the over 12 million live entertainment workers and their families.


  • What was the last live event you attended???
  • Do you believe that the spring 2021 re-opening that the music industry is aiming for is realistic???
  • Would you feel comfortable attending a socially distanced performance wearing a mask after having your temperature checked???
  • Can the industry truly plan for a “return to normal” without a vaccine — and then ample time to see if such a vaccine actually works???
  • Have you been out to eat in a restaurant???

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