Roger Daltrey remembers being warned off LSD by one of the drug’s premium distributors. reported Daltrey’s recalling the incident while appearing on Brian Johnson – Life On The Road Show. The Who singer told the AC/DC frontman: “When I first went to San Francisco, we met a guy who was making all the LSD, a guy called Owsley (Stanley), otherwise known as the Bear. He was making all the LSD for the government, they were doing experiments with it, and he made Purple Haze, and everybody was taking this, he said, ‘You must never ever take chemicals, just stick with the weed and you’ll be alright.'”

Daltrey, who was not quite a choirboy while on tour, revealed, “Something about the way he said it to me sank in. . . I’ve never touched the chemicals, I completely stayed away from it, and it was Owsley’s words — because I saw so many really great friends, they go on a trip and they never come back, friends that were there one day and gone the next. And not just gone-dead — gone in their heads and never came back. Incredibly sad. I mean, death would have been a nicer release, to be honest.”


  • October 2018 saw the release of Roger Daltrey‘s long-awaited autobiography, Thanks A Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story. The book, which is now in paperback, covers his early life during and after World War II, his days as a factory worker — not to mention the trials and tribulations, failures and successes with the Who.
  • The “Draconian headmaster” who is immortalized in the book’s title, had expelled Daltrey from high school, leading him to reach his true potential as a musician.
  • Daltrey talks frankly about how he embodied the characters Pete Townshend created for TommyLifehouse, and Quadrophenia; dealing with his often temperamental partners; his illegitimate children; and how he and Townshend ended up closer than ever after 50 years as a bandmates.
  • Most fascinatingly, Daltrey spotlights his 50-plus-year relationship with his wife Heather.

CHECK IT OUT: The Who on June 21st, 1989 performing “Amazing Journey” live in Glens Falls, New York: