Following Jon Bon Jovi’s recent remarks insinuating that Richie Sambora’s life remains in disarray since quitting the band, the former Bon Jovi guitarist has answered back.Earlier this month, while promoting the band’s new 2020 album with Germany’s Rock Antannae, Bon Jovi went so far as to claim that Sambora’s life is in disarray — as well as surmising that the band might’ve fallen prey to “laziness” had Sambora not bailed in 2013, saying, “Y’know, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish that Richie had his life together and was still in the band. And, yet, y’know, in a weird way, it’s because of his inability to get it together anymore. . . I’m able to write songs like this. Maybe we would’ve gotten lazy. I don’t know where we would’ve gone. But, through all that pain and heartbreak came this.”

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV, Richie Sambora spoke candidly about his decision to leave the band to care for his and ex-wife Heather Locklear’s now-23-year-old daughter Ava, saying, “Obviously it hurts and y’know, breaking up is hard to do. I was in a situation and it was not easy to make that decision to leave the band and the fans. I was in a dire situation with my family and I had to make a tough decision and I did and I’m sure people weren’t happy about it.”

Sambora chuckled; when he added, “When people say I don’t have my life together — are you kidding me? I’m the happiest dude on the block.”

Regarding his relationship with Jon Bon Jovi, Sambora explained, “We’ve had our ups and downs throughout the years as any married couple have. Jon and I spent more time together than we spent with our families because him and I wrote the songs. But as you see now, my daughter just graduated on the dean’s list from LSU as a psychology major and she’s gone on to grad school now. And so and it’s just, y’know, she and I have just been really fantastic and we just have a great relationship.”

When pressed about his thoughts about reuniting with Bon Jovi, Sambora said: “It would have to be a special situation for me to go back, but I’m certainly not counting it out. I have no malice toward that band.”

He was asked about his relationship with his former wife, actress Heather Locklear, who’s endured a very public battle to regain her sobriety: “I love Heather now more than when we first met. We still maintain a friendship and realize that we are definitely bound by blood and family. Whatever I had to do to support her, I did.”

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Renie8532 wrote: “Jon dragging the past up because he knows nothing about Richie’s current situation. He hasn’t spoken to him since the RRHOF (he said so in one of his recent interviews). How can he know how Richie is doing? It is blatantly obvious that JBJ’s album sales are like the rest of 2020. In the toilet. Flush and be done Jon.”

Veronique Monique wrote: “Nice to see that for some family comes first. Well done Ritchie.”

BakedAlaskanKushPpl wrote: “I briefly met the band when they were starting out. Richie was classy and Jon was kinda douchey.”

FateAndFuries wrote: “Wise decision. He probably got his daughter through a rough time. Seems as though Locklear was in no condition to be a caregiver at that point. Unfair for Bon Jovi to comment in a flippant way – his wife frequently took care of their three kids alone. He had his parents around to help – and reminder his daughter overdosed during her first year of college…”

Kelly198 wrote: “Okay Rich, your daughter is 23 now.”

DeeWood wrote: “Utmost respect for putting his daughter first when she needed him. They clearly adore each other. Bon Jovi should have been a better human, friend and band mate and supported them both.”

Dickie2019 wrote: “Maybe he decided to be a good father after watching Bon Jovi’s daughter overdose.”

VGee wrote: “Am sure that scared the HELL out of Richie. (In addition to Jon) Maybe even scared him sober, to go and help his daughter and ex!”


  • Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi co-wrote such legendary Bon Jovi classics as “You Give Love A Bad Name,” “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “Wanted Dead Or Alive,” “Bad Medicine,” “I’ll Be There For You,” “Born To Be My Baby,” “Lay Your Hands On Me,” “It’s My Life,” “Have A Nice Day,” “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” among many more.


  • Back on April 2nd, 2013 at Calgary’s Scotiabank Saddledome, Richie Sambora was a no-show for the rest of Bon Jovi’s massive world tour. As they did during Sambora’s 2011 hiatus, the band soldiered on, touring the globe selling out stadiums with session guitarist Phil “X” Xenidis once again filling in for Sambora. Phil “X” has since been made an official member of Bon Jovi.
  • In 2018, Richie Sambora revealed to Rolling Stone his reasons for quitting the band: “What happened is that, (being) in such a huge organization. Tours are 16-and-half months. The last tour I did with the band was 18-and-a-half months. You miss a lot of life, man. You come home: S* changed. Divorce, birth, death, this. Normal life’s ups and downs. Little tragedies. Love, joy. You miss all those things a lot of times in your incubation mode. Like I said, we weren’t a band that took a lot of time off. My daughter needed me at that time; my dad’s dying of cancer. I was in the middle of a s**y divorce, and I busted my shoulder up. . . And it was like, ‘Y’know, I think the universe is telling me to take a break for a while.’ I needed to do something different, and quite frankly, I wanted to sing! I wanted to be a lead singer. . . A lot of the bands I was in before, I was the lead singer, and I missed it, and it was just time at that point.”
  • Richie Sambora reunited with Bon Jovi for the band’s 2018 Rock and Roll Induction.

CHECK IT OUT: Bon Jovi during Richie Sambora’s final show with the band on March 17th, 2016 performing “I’ll Be There For You” live in Lubbock, Texas:

CHECK IT OUT: Bon Jovi — with Richie Sambora — at their Rock Hall induction on April 14th, 2018 performing “It’s My Life” live at Cleveland’s Public Hall: