FILE PHOTO: A person receives a shot of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at a community vaccination event in Martinsburg, West Virginia, U.S., March 11, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

As the Covid-19 vaccination effort continues to ramp up across the country, a new poll finds that a majority of Americans are in favor of requiring people to be vaccinated for a range of public activities. In the Reuters/Ipsos poll out Friday (March 12th), 62 percent said people should be required to have been vaccinated to fly on planes and 55 percent said it should be required for exercising in public gyms, going to movie theaters or attending public concerts. Additionally, 60 percent said they’d want to work for an employers that require people to be vaccinated before returning to the office, and 56 percent said unvaccinated workers should remain at home. Overall, 72 percent said it’s important to know, quote, “if the people around me have been vaccinated.” There was some division by party among the results, with Republicans less likely than Democrats to support requiring vaccinations for these activities. But even among Republicans, 50 percent support requiring being vaccinated to fly and 40 percent for going to gyms or movie theaters.


  • Do you think people should be required to be vaccinated in order to fly?
  • Should they be required to be vaccinated to go to the gym, movie theaters or concerts?
  • Would you want your employer to require the workers be vaccinated before returning to the office (or other communal workplace)?
  • Do you think this can reasonably be done considering a significant minority of Americans continue to say they won’t be vaccinated?