A new survey on the relationship between the food we eat and our moods found that 66 percent of people said what they eat depends a lot on their mood, and nearly the same number, 65 percent also said their mood can determine what they’ll eat that day. When asked in the survey by OnePoll for HelloFresh what they eat when they’re having a bad day, chocolate led the list with 46 percent, followed by fast food and candy at 36 percent and chips at 35 percent. Chocolate was also at 41 percent in what people eat on a good day, with fruit and vegetables at 39 percent on those days. But for bad days, just 30 percent wanted vegetables and 27 percent wanted fruit. When asked specifically what foods instantly put them in a better mood, tacos topped the list at 33 percent, followed close behind by bacon and eggs and by steak, which were both at 32 percent.