Flashback to June 18th of 2020, Def Leppard’s “The Stadium Tour” was SUPPOSED to be rolling out and rocking across the country. For obvious reasons due to a virus-who-will-not-be-named, that didn’t happen. Just like pretty much everything…didn’t happen.

Well, we’ve had our share of everyone around weighing in on when concerts could potentially come back, but it’s been pretty silent in the rock and roll world until now.

Recently on the Jeremy White Podcast, we heard Def Leppard’s co-lead guitarist and lyricist Phil Collen was asked whether he was anticipating concerts coming back, (and specifically The Stadium Tour), in 2021.

Collen said: “I’m really confident, if they get the vaccine rolled out. It’s the same way anywhere around the world. You go, ‘Hey, are you coming to so and so?’ Well, I don’t know if we’re allowed to travel and whether we would be allowed on the plane or even in that country. So, it’s looking good — or not. We really don’t know. It really comes down to how everyone deals with approaching this pandemic and stuff.”

As of now, The Stadium Tour is scheduled to begin on June 19th of this year in Nashville, TN, and run through til September 12th in San Diego, Cali. Fingers crossed that we can hear some rockin’ tunes live and in person soon! Because we’re all looking forward to sweaty, dehydrated, loud, headache-inducing, skin-to-skin with strangers “FUN”…I think.