A little bit of light has seeped into these dark days with a new collaboration by ’70s heavyweights Peter Frampton and the Doobie Brothers. The team-up resulted in a surprisingly fresh and riveting take on Eric Clapton’s Let It Rain” from his classic 1970 self-titled debut.

Doobies guitarist Tom Johnston told Rolling Stone how the former-touring mates decided to join forces for the new digital track: “A couple of months ago, Peter and I were going over various tunes after deciding to do a song or video together. I tossed out ‘Let It Rain’ by Eric Clapton and he loved the idea. He’s a phenomenal guitarist and a fan of Clapton’s as am I, so it seemed a great idea to take to the rest of the guys.”

Johnston added, “Peter, Pat (Simmons), and I took verses and solos and John (McFee) played some cool pedal steel and helped us put that together with Bill Payne on piano, John Cowan on bass, and Ed Toth on drums. Also (Frampton keyboardist) Rob Arthur, who did all the video work, played B3. It was a team effort! We really enjoyed working together on this with Peter.”

Peter Frampton went on to say, “It was so much fun playing with my friends the Doobie Brothers even virtually! I look forward to a time when we can, hopefully, play together in person.”


  • “Let It Rain” is but the latest virtual Doobie Brothers video posted during the pandemic.
  • Back in July, Dave Mason tapped the Doobies, along with Mick Fleetwood, Sammy Hagar and others — billed as Dave & The Quarantines — for a remake of his classic Traffic favorite, “Feelin’ Alright.”

CHECK IT OUT: The Doobie Brothers with Peter Frampton’s 2020 video for “Let It Rain”: