New tree angel this year and his name shall be calleth… #grogu #HolidayVibes #madalorian #treetopper #christmasdiy #babyyoda

♬ Baby Yoda – Song a Day

People are making a beloved character from The Mandalorian their Christmas tree topper this year. TikTok user Elizabeth Round seemed to kick off the trend, sharing a video on TikTok of a toy Baby Yoda (also known as The Child, or Grogu) on the top of her Christmas tree. She tells Buzzfeed, “I was in the toy aisle looking for Christmas presents and saw this perfectly scaled Grogu for a tree topper. I had just decorated our tree that afternoon, and that night at dinner I made the family announcement that we had a new tree topper this year.” She also added an ornament hung from the ceiling with fishing line that looks as if it’s being levitated by Baby Yoda. This started a trend of people on TikTok and even Twitter showing off Baby Yoda as their tree topper. What do you use for a Christmas tree topper?