Kiss frontman Paul Stanley addressed the 2020 election, calling for unity and respect — while still slamming Donald Trump’s four years in office. Stanley tweeted: “We will be tested by this transition and how we react to this change, both as Americans who have won this election and Americans who have lost. Respect for each other and understanding should be the road we pledge to travel forward TOGETHER.”

He went on to tweet: “The joy everyone who voted for Joe Biden is feeling was unseen in the election 4 years ago. Then the celebration foretold the coming of a presidency rooted in retribution, revenge & oppression. The joy is in seeing that cloud of divisive rhetoric & climate of fear finally lifting.”


  • Back in April, Paul Stanley appeared on Richard Marx’s online “Social Distancing” talk show and blamed TV cable news outlets for the palpable division between Americans in this day and age: “What we have now is kind of 24-hour ‘game show’ news, and you have two major, divided networks, that basically are pushing the agenda of the party they’re closest to.”

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