Health officials and experts have been urging Americans to avoid any gatherings outside of their own households this holiday season as the coronavirus has been explosively surging across the country, saying, yes, it’ll be sad to not have your usual family gathering, but it’s just not safe this year. But CNN notes that not everyone is unhappy that they won’t be spending the holiday with their families, seeing it as a one-year break from the stress and busyness that often goes along with the love and happiness at holiday time with the family. Florida psychologist Wendy Rice told CNN, “Holidays can be a time of joy, but they can also be a time for obligation, so they don’t always feel so good It’s not easy to get out of things because this is what your family does. It can be hard to break with tradition.”


  • Are you someone who’s actually not unhappy about not being able to gather with family for the holidays, and if so, why do you feel that way?
  • Do you think technology like Zoom that can allow you to spend some virtual time face to face with family over the holidays makes it easier to relax into a one-year break from the family gathering than it would be if you could just share a quickly holiday greeting on the phone?
  • If you’re following the advice and not getting together with family outside of your household for the holidays, are you going to try any new traditions this year that could be done just with your household or be done relatively safely, like outdoors?
  • Are you already thinking of doing something special when you can get together with family again for the holidays next year, and if so, what?