Typically I don’t partake in the whole “New Years Resolution” trend because I’m already perfect and don’t need to change. HAH. Really though, I don’t think we need the turn of a calendar year to all of the sudden try and be a better person, or to try and start losing weight, or to try and finally master the art of Norwegian Throat Yodeling. In my opinion just start it out during the year so that way by the new year you’re already well on your way.

That being said, in 2021 I did set a goal for myself… for the first time ever. That goal is pretty simple really; read one book a month for the next year. I spend WAY to much of my free time either watching Tik Toks, watching the same 5 seasons of the Office on repeat, or just staring blankly at the ceiling.

January came and went and I was able to start my little “Read-olution” and I started with an amazing book that came at the recommendation of my fiancee; Ready Player One. The book follows Parzival (Wade) throughout his journey in a virtual reality game as he tries to solve a puzzle which will award him an insane amount of money. The book is set in a dystopian future where people spend more time plugged into a virtual reality than they do in the real world. .. not totally unbelievable if I’m being honest!

This was a great book to start with, it really grabs you and puts you right in the story and if you’re looking to really try and read more this one comes highly recommended from your morning maniac!