I would put Daughter in my top ten list of greatest of all time Pearl Jam songs… what’s number one? Hard to say… there are really too many good ones out there! It’s not very often though do I feel that a cover out ranks an original, and this is one occasion where I find it true.

Nancy Wilson, legendary lead lady for the group Heart recently released her first solo album ‘You and Me’ which she recorded during the pandemic in California and the album has several covers on it, the best of all (in my opinion) being her hauntingly beautiful cover of the Pearl Jam song Daughter. You can take a listen below!

In addition to this, Wilson also covered The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) Simon and Garfunkel, The Cranberries as well as a few others. She also features rockers such as Sammy Hagar, Duff McKagan, and Taylor Hawkins!