Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy took time out to salute his close friend Wolfgang Van Halen for the success of his debut solo single, “Distance,” which he wrote and recorded in tribute of his dad, the late, great Eddie Van HallenBlabbermouth transcribed some of Kennedy’s chat with New Jersey’s WDHA, where he spoke about Wolfgang’s solo career launch, saying, “It’s very exciting. And it’s nice when you’ve been having discussions with people, and then they see it, and they’re, like, ‘Yeah.’ I mean, it’s true — he’s just this force of nature; he can do it all.”

Kenney went on to say, “I’m absolutely thrilled for him. And I’m really happy to see how. . .  it’s given me faith in humans again. After his father passed away and everybody just poured in with so much love for the guy, and then he releases this beautiful song, and it’s found its place in the world. It’s a beautiful cycle of just good, positive energy. So, yeah, I’m super proud of Wolfie. And he’s gonna have a good run.”


  • The Wolfgang Van Halen WVH self-titled debut album will be released on June 11th.
  • The tracklisting to the upcoming Mammoth WVH is: “Mr. Ed,” “Horribly Right,” “Epiphany,” “Don’t Back Down,” “Resolve,” “You’ll Be The One,” “Mammoth,” “Circles,” “The Big Picture,” “Think It Over,” “You’re To Blame,” “Feel,” “Stone,” and “Distance.”

CHECK IT OUT: Mammoth WVH on February 11th, 2021 performing “Distance” on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: