Microsoft has developed new technology that can tell when its employees are bored during a meeting. The brand has filed a patent for a network that will monitor and score body language, speech and facial expressions at meetings via cameras, sensors, and software. Called the “insight computing system” it will analyze how often each participant speaks and their speech patterns, and will be able to pick up on signs that indicate a drop in productivity, such as boredom and tiredness. Employee scores can then be cross-referenced with time spent doing inappropriate activities for work, such as texting, checking email and browsing the internet. The system could be used to monitor people attending both in-person meetings and virtual meetings. Some experts worry this is a problematic system, noting it’s “invasive” and a “major step back for workers’ rights.” But a Microsoft representative says they are “committed to privacy” and that the system is “not a work-monitoring tool,” adding that their hope is that the data gathered by the system could help companies avoid scheduling “non-optimal meetings.”