Mick Jagger serves as the narrator to a new clip spotlighting London’s famed Royal Albert Hall, according to The Guardian. The short was being produced to celebrate the hallowed venue’s 150th anniversary. In the clip, Jagger reads WH Auden’s poem “For Friends Only,” and stated, “Without a doubt, the Royal Albert Hall is one of the greatest concert venues in the world.”

The Rolling Stones frontman said of the legendary Hall, “Wonderful memories. Once or twice it did get a bit wild, with enthusiastic fans joining us on stage and almost bringing the show to an abrupt end, but we soldiered on and had a great time.”

The Stones played the Albert Hall a total of four times — including one, which was a double bill with the Beatles. The Stones’ final Royal Albert Hall gig on September 23rd, 1966 featured Ike & Tina Turner, the Yardbirds and ended in a mini-riot.

CHECK IT OUT: The trailer to Your Room Will Be Ready — a Royal Albert Hall film narrated by Mick Jagger:

CHECK IT OUT: The Who on November 27th, 2000 performing “I Can’t Explain” live at London’s Royal Albert Hall: