Mick Fleetwood is not only holding out hope for a new Fleetwood Mac tour — he wants it to be the most sensational and grand victory lap ever. The drummer spoke with The Los Angeles Times and despite the fact that Lindsey Buckingham was canned from the band back in 2018, he not only wants him back on the road — he wants every living former member to sign on as well.

Fleetwood, who’s made peace with Buckingham in the past year, spoke about the issues between Buckingham and former girlfriend and muse Stevie Nicks — whom according to sources, will never share a stage with the guitarist again: “I don’t look at it like that. Stevie was very unhappy. It was not an ultimatum — it was about taking a breath. Two people have walked away from each other, like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. I understand both people. Lindsey would say: ‘You’re piggy in the middle, Mick.'”

He went on to admit: “My English pipe dream, sitting on top of a mushroom, would be that everyone who’s ever played in Fleetwood Mac would be welcome. That’s what would drive me, because this is all about a collective. . . I hope the whole f***ing lot of them! I’m not done. And if I can get John McVie off his boat, he’s not done either!”


  • Is this just a way for Mick Fleetwood to say he wants Lindsey Buckingham back without angering Stevie Nicks???
  • Although Fleetwood Mac was able to do a very successful arena tour with Crowded House‘s Neil Finn and Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell adequately covering Lindsey Buckingham’s parts — do you really think they can do it a second time???
  • All signs are pointing to the next Mac tour being its last — can they REALLY close out the band’s career without Lindsey Buckingham???
  • The other living members of Fleetwood Mac not currently performing in the band are Jeremy SpencerDave WalkerBilly BurnetteRick VitoBekka Bramlett, and Dave Mason — who was in Fleetwood Mac for about six minutes.
  • Does ANYONE think the above names have enough COMBINED marquee value to raise ticket prices even a single DOLLAR???

CHECK IT OUT: Fleetwood Mac on July 28th, 2016 performing “Rhiannon” live at Dodger Stadium: