Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Iommi recently collaborated with Pink Floyd co-founder and drummer Nick Mason. In an interview posted on Blabbermouth, Iommi said, “A few weeks ago, Nick and I recorded a song for a charity album that will raise funds to fight cancer. They asked me to go and provide some riffs for it. Of course, I gladly agreed.”
Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma in early 2012, shortly after Sabbath announced a reunion tour and album. He underwent treatment throughout the recording of the album, and also during the tour. He successfully underwent an operation in January 2017 to remove a noncancerous lump from his throat.
Iommi also said there’s a possibility that Rolling Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood will be involved with the project.


  • In 2016, Iommi said that “the lowest moment” for him was being diagnosed.
  • Black Sabbath Vinyl Box Set For Paranoid’ 50th Anniversary was released last week.