For the last month of 2020, let’s get a little different here. I like to switch up what I listen to when it comes to rock, since there’s so much that falls under the scope, so I thought this album would be perfect!

I’ve come to realize that U2 is pretty hit or miss with a lot of people. Some people love them (me), and some people don’t care for them (*cough*…Buehler)… To me, U2’s ‘Under the Joshua Tree’ is the perfect late 80’s rock album that sets the tone for a lot of the music that the 90’s would then begin to offer. After all, they did spend the entire decade of the 80’s touring… Every. Single. Year. So they got a pretty good exposure to inspire this album.

I think this album represents 2020 in the best of ways, different paces, different moods, chaotic noise vs careful composition. Something can be pulled from every song!

Favorite Track: With or Without You