Lindsey Buckingham has joined forces with the UK charity Stagehand and the #ILoveLive prize draws to help raise funds for musicians and crew members who’ve found themselves jobless in the wake of Covid-19. The Fleetwood Mac legend is offering up his extremely rare Lane Moller acoustic guitar. Fans can pay for up to 20 entries to win the British-based draw, which closes today (Wednesday, March 17th) at 2 p.m. ET.

Buckingham said in the announcement for the Stagehand draw:

During my many years of touring, I long ago came to understand that the real heroes of rock shows are not the artists, but rather the crews.

Everyone involved in putting together a show — tour management, technicians, sound, lighting, and drivers — are all hugely invested in doing their part to contribute to putting on the best possible presentation every night, and they perform their duties with consistency and integrity, all for the benefit of the artists. In fact, artists could not succeed without the spirit, the love, and the craft their road crews bring to a tour.

This is why I’m pleased that I can contribute in a small way to helping those who have been adversely impacted in the last year, and am proud to be aligned with Stagehand, which is bringing the music community together to help offset the adversity experienced by so many in our ranks.

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  • Back in January, Lindsey Buckingham has sold the entirety of his of publishing rights, including both his publishing and writer’s share, across 161 songs to music conglomerate Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited.
  • The company had previously snagged 25 percent of the former-Fleetwood Mac leader’s song catalogue through its buyout from the Kobalt company. In the new deal, Hipgnosis also will own a 50 percent share of any unreleased Buckingham compositions.
  • Among the classic tunes included in the deal are “Go Your Own Way,” “Monday Morning,” “I’m So Afraid,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Second Hand News,” “Tusk,” “I Know I’m Not Wrong,” “Walk A Thin Line,” “Big Love,” “Trouble,” “Holiday Road,” and “Go Insane,” along with his portions of “World Turning” and “The Chain,” among many, many more.

CHECK IT OUT: Lindsey Buckingham on October 6th, 2018 performing “Shut Us Down” live in San Francisco: