2020 may have robbed us of some real in-person concert experiences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still ROCK OUT! KISS just announced that they’re doing a huge virtual concert just for us…and they’re sparing no expense. We’re talking massive production value here, PYROTECHNICS included. So, nothing out of the ordinary for one of the greatest bands of all time.

Blabbermouth.com says “Tickets to the event can be purchased at Kiss2020Goodbye.com, with prices starting at $49.99 and gong all the way up to $999 for a bundle that includes 14 “exclusive and limited edition items,” including a Blu-ray of the concert.” Tune in live from Atlantis Dubai at 9pm on December 31st for the event!

Gene Simmons says it best… “The best way to shut everybody up and get everybody to enjoy life right now is to make a big resounding noise and shake the heavens with some pyro,” AMEN TO THAT!