Keith Richards is chilling out at home, working on material for the new Rolling Stones album, and trying to ride out the pandemic. Richards shed some light on his creative process while in lockdown, telling Classic Rock that inspiration tends to hit while watching the tube: “Actually, the (guitar) sits next to my usual chair, and. . . I sit around writing songs, basically, or parts of songs, little bits. But I do tend to have moments and little periods of time during the day when suddenly I’ll pick up the guitar and something will come to mind.”

When asked how the world shutting down in the wake of Covid has affected him, he admitted, “It’s affecting me pretty much like it’s affected everybody else. Y’know, we’re all in this thing and I’m basically hunkering down with the family and a few friends, a bubble kind of thing, just like the rest of you, man. Wondering when we can get out of this thing. And, at the moment, it looks like it’s going to be a hard winter. At the moment, I can’t see any plan B coming.”

Richards went on to say that at this point he Stones are all geared up and ready to work — but remained stalled in a waiting game: “I think it’s all based on ‘Let’s get this thing over and done with as soon as possible.’ Let’s smarten up and. . . It’s a rough one, man, because this thing is designed to keep us apart, and everything we want to do is be together.”


  • Out now is Keith Richards’ X-Pensive Winos concert collection, Live From The Hollywood Palladium, which was recorded on December 15th, 1988.
  • The Live At The Hollywood Palladium tracklist is: “Take It So Hard,” “How I Wish,” “I Could Have Stood You Up,” “Too Rude,” “Make No Mistakes,” “Time Is On My Side,” “Big Enough,” “Whip It Up,” “Locked Away,” “Struggle,” “Happy,” “Connection,” and “Rockawhile”
  • Box Set and Digital Only: “I Wanna Be Your Man,” “Little T&A,” and “You Don’t Move Me.”


  • The Rolling Stones have been in the studio at various points over the past eight years, and during the sessions, recorded the pair of 2012 tracks “Gloom And Doom” and “One More Shot,” which appeared on that year’s GRRR! compilation.
  • In the midst of the sessions, the band also recorded their last studio set, the Grammy Award-winning blues collection, Blue & Lonesome, which was recorded in December 2015 during a break taping the current batch of Mick Jagger/Keith Richards originals.
  • Back in April, the Stones released “Living In A Ghost Town,” which peaked at Number One on the iTunes Song Chart.

CHECK IT OUT: The Stones’ 2020 video for “Living In A Ghost Town”: