Times are tough…Especially this year. COVID, the Election, the holidays on the way, there’s not much we haven’t been able to mark off on our metaphorical 2020 Bingo Card of THINGS THAT HAVE GONE WRONG. We’ve all been put through the wringer, and now we need some release. Understandable, all things considered.

We all know by now that science says too much stress is bad for us…but how do we get rid of some of the stress that 2020 has pummeled us with? The answer is simple. Just SCREAM. Screaming is known to release some stress and make us feel at least a tiny bit better, but it’s not exactly socially acceptable to just stand there and scream into the sky in public.

So a couple of times on the Midday show, I’ve mentioned this hotline where you call, and quite literally are invited to SCREAM into the phone. The number is +1-561-567-8431.

There’s no person on the other end of the line, just an open opportunity to yell to your heart’s desire into their voicemail. The best part is, it’s recorded! You can listen to your own screams, and the screams of other anguished people across the world at justscream.baby.

So go find some privacy in your car, your panic room, or an empty space devoid of life, and SCREAM!!!!!!!!