“The music world received the news Tuesday (July 27) that longtime Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison had died at the age of 46. The family of Jordison was the first to reveal the news issuing a statement on the matter, but as you might expect there was plenty of reaction in the rock and metal community about the loss of one of the most respected drummers in the genre”

I remember the very first time I heard Slipknot, I was listening to the overnight show on the radio, this was probably back in 2000 and the song was ‘Wait and Bleed’. I was immediately hooked. Between the raw anger you could feel in the vocals to the fact that the band had a dedicated ‘hit the keg with a baseball bat’ member I loved everything about the band. Being a musician myself, Joey Jordison was a huge draw to the band. He brought a style to the mainstream that I hadn’t really heard before; the blast beat. Jorison (and Slipknot as a whole) was instrumental in bringing an entire generation flocking to this over the top, jaw droppingly shocking form of heavy metal. Thanks to them (in my opinion at least!) they unlocked decades of amazing heavy metal music that I had never even known existed. Jorison changed what it meant to be a heavy metal drummer and despite being excused from the band back in 2013, he’ll always be one of the nine. Rest easy Joey.