Joan Jett has partnered with to release the first three archival Blackhearts shows from her vaults. Fans can now purchase and stream Houston, TX – 1983Columbus, OH – 2015; and Hellfest at Clisson France – 2018.

Joan Jett will be featured in the upcoming drama, titled Honor Amongst reported the film, which was originally scheduled for release back in 2018, finds the legendary rocker portraying “a desperate, gun-toting drug user named Stephanie in (the) new film centering around a violent biker gang, Satan’s Few, seeking vengeance for a murdered friend.”


  • Several years ago, Joan Jett revealed to Rolling Stone that she owes large part of her career to the Who. Jett explained that the band believed in her material enough to set her up with free studio time at their Rampart Studios to record her debut album in 1980.
  • Jett recalled, “We would not have been able to make that record if they hadn’t helped us. They basically let us record what became Bad Reputation and (said), ‘Pay us when you can.’ (My manager) Kenny (Laguna) had been friends with the Who and Bill Curbishley, who was their manager for many years. They let us come into their place and do it.”
  • Along with the classic title track, Jett’s Bad Reputation album featured covers of “You Don’t Own Me,” “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah),” “Shout,” and “Wooly Bully.”

CHECK IT OUT: The trailer for Honor Amongst Men featuring Joan Jett: