Jill Biden is set to make history be keeping her job after she becomes first lady in January, something no other first lady has ever done. President-elect Joe Biden’s wife, who teaches full-time at Northern Virginia Community College, said this summer, “If we get to the White House, I’m gonna continue to teach.” Biden has said of her profession, “Teaching is not what I do. It’s who I am,” and, “I teach a lot of immigrants and refugees. I love their stories, I love who they are as people, and I love the fact that I can help them on their path to success.” Biden, who has a doctorate — another first lady first, has also taught high school and at a psychiatric hospital. (Newser)


  • What do you think of Biden planning to keep her job as a teacher after she becomes first lady?
  • Are you okay in general with a first lady keeping their job, or would it depend on the kind of job it is? For instance, being a teacher would be okay, but maybe not a corporate executive?
  • Do you think the public would have a more negative opinion of a first lady having a job if she still had children at home, unlike Biden, whose kids are grown?
  • Are there any first lady traditions you wouldn’t mind see going away?