Some people have been working from home for about a year now, and it seems many don’t want to return to a five-day week of working in an office. A recent poll for Deloitte finds that those who can work from home would choose to continue to do so when restrictions ease, choosing to travel to an office only a couple of days of the week. On average, they said they would like to work in the office just two days a week. Experts predict that flexible working could help widen talent pools as geographical location becomes less important, and Chinese company Ctrip previously found that productivity increased by an average of 13 percent with its pre-pandemic working from home plan. Nicholas Bloom with Stanford Economics said in a 2020 report, “Working from home will be very much part of our post-Covid economy. The sooner policymakers and business leaders think of the implications of a home-based workforce, the better our firms and communities will be positioned when the pandemic subsides.”