Have you ever had to admit a “great” idea you had was actually kinda dumb?  A 49-year-old guy in Florida named Reza Baluchi built a giant hamster wheel for humans that goes on water.  And he keeps trying to run across the OCEAN in it, but never gets far.

He does it to raise money for charity, so that part’s good.  But he had to be rescued off the coast of Florida in 2014, and again in 2016.  Then his third attempt got stopped by the Coast Guard a few months later.  So he just tried a FOURTH voyage this weekend, but washed ashore near Daytona Beach on day two.

His original plan was to run 1,000 miles from Florida to Bermuda.  Then he said Florida to New York.  And now he’d just like to get farther up the East Coast.  No word yet on a fifth attempt, but he says he’ll never give up.