The pandemic has now lasted over eight months, and people are getting tired of the ever-changing local guidelines, loneliness, mask-wearing, and limited social contact. But it seems grandparents are perhaps having the hardest time with it. A Google search reveals there are a number of guides aimed at helping adults navigate their frustrations when their parents fail to adhere to mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. It turns out older adults are also more likely to believe conspiracy theories about COVID-19, as well as buy into anti-mask propaganda. Psychiatry professor, Dr. Jessi Gold explains, “When it comes down to those decisions, if you haven’t been super good about it, and your kids have, I think what happens is [grandparents] are like, Well, I don’t have COVID, so it’s not like I’m going to give [my family] COVID, so what’s the harm in me just saying I’m cool, come over, we’ll social distance and hang out?” Gold encourages families to keep themselves safe, but also to approach their frustrated parents with grace. She adds, “It doesn’t help to scream and it doesn’t help to yell and it doesn’t help to shame. I think it helps to try to understand and have conversations, and that often is starting from a place of empathy. I think that it’s appropriate to continue to have boundaries and enforce them—it’s your children and your choice. But I think that you also probably want to take into consideration the health of your parent and think about why they might be lying.”