Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin says that back in the day, he and his bandmates had “fun” on tour with Motley Crue, despite the fact that the two groups have since engaged in a decade-long public feud.

According to Larkin, the tension and conflict of ego between Godsmack frontman Sully Erna and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx began on tour in 2009.

He said, “It was just… there were certain things that pissed off our guy. And so, he pissed off their guy Nikki Sixx. And those guys are very strong-willed dudes.”

Larkin said that later when Nikki Sixx spoke out about it, “it hurt.”

Back in August 2014, Nikki Sixx claimed that he was approached by a publicist for Godsmack saying that the band wanted to be on his syndicated radio program. And Nikki’s response was “Over my dead [expletive] body.”

Larkin originally came up with the song title “Cryin’ Like A Bitch” because he was a Raiders fan and they needed to win in the playoffs. He was referring to NFL quarterback, Philip Rivers. When he mentioned it to Sully Erna, he loved the title and wrote the song about Nikki Sixx, which fueled what has now become an 11-year feud.


  • “Another Larkin Quote: “It was really cool. At one point, [Crue guitarist] Mick Mars called me, and he said, ‘Hey, man, I might be doing a blues record after this tour. And if you’d be interested in maybe playing some drums or whatever.’ And I’m, like, ‘Oh my God. Yes. Yes is the answer.’ Mick Mars, you see that guy, it’s like seeing Santa Claus; he’s like a mythical creature. And, of course, he never called. And by the end of the tour, then everything’s, ‘Oh, there’s a war going on between Motley Crue and Godsmack.’”
  • Motley Crue has sold over 100 million albums and formed in 1981.
  • Godsmack formed in 1995.