Foreigner is set to headline the first socially distanced music festival in the United States. Despite the pandemic’s rising numbers, the Frontyard Festival in Orlando, Florida is scheduled for next spring at the Dr. Phillips Center.

Lead singer Kelly Hansen commented, “We are so happy to be able to perform live again because we and our fans really miss the experience.”

The Frontyard Festival is a new, purpose-built, live entertainment event that is designed to re-engage artists and guests in what is promoted as a safe, socially distanced setting. The venue will feature hundreds of private, elevated boxes placed six feet from one another.

About that, Hansen said, “There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the country. We are so excited to connect with our fans in a safe manner and can’t wait to play live again.” The music festival is scheduled for March 23 and 24.

LISTENER’S COMMENTS Agree or Disagree? (Blabbermouth and Twitter)

  • Dave Wight: NO surprise this is in the dumbest state in the Union, Florida. But they are being socially responsible, and by then vaccinations will be rolled out…..go A leaguers play those Head Games
  • Ellie Wischmopp: I wish I was there…. Greetings from Germany and stay safe and healthy.
  • Darrel Eddings: Were it 6 months into the vaccination era and things were looking good? Sure, with the precautions mentioned I could see this. This is wrong at this point in the pandemic. That F**k in Florida sure won’t shut it down.
  • Derek Lantz: He’s a mask wearing hero, got sanitizer on his hands.
  • Charles McGilton: Foreigner I’d love to see you live… Not @ this time.. I know you’ve good hearts & Mean well..
  • Ralph Recon: Covid As Ice