The new Foo Fighters song, “Waiting on a War,” was written by Dave Grohl for his eleven year old daughter, Harper. Grohl remembers the threat of armed conflict when he was a kid and now sees that fear and concern through his daughter’s eyes.

In a statement about the song, Grohl explained, “As a child growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC, I was always afraid of war. I had nightmares of missiles in the sky and soldiers in my backyard, most likely brought upon by the political tension of the early 1980s and my proximity to the Nation’s Capital. My youth was spent under the dark cloud of a hopeless future.”

“Waiting on a War,” is the third single from Foo Fighters’ upcoming album, Medicine at Midnight, to be released on February 5.

In case you missed it, Foo Fighters performed it last night (Thurs. 1/14) on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


  • His daughter Harper is the second oldest of his three kids.
  • Dave Grohl celebrated his 52nd birthday this week.
  • Medicine at Midnight will be their 10th album.
  • Dave Grohl is scheduled to play John Oates‘ Song Fest 7908. It will benefit