If you’re finding yourself “doomscrolling” — spending hour after hour on social media looking at news headlines and developments — more these days amid the pandemic, you’re not alone, but experts say it can be damaging to your mental health, particularly when you’re spending all that time taking in a lot of negative news. They say doomscrolling can lead to anxiety, depression and fatigue. Nicole Monteleone, co-founder of the Counseling and Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, told KDKA Radio that people doomscroll because, quote, “we’re hard-wired for it on an evolutionary level because if we learn about the big scary thing or we get the answers, then we can control our environment.” In order to combat the negative effects, University of Pittsburgh psychiatrist Dr. Candice Biernesser suggested that people identify what triggers those negative feelings, phase those triggers out of their timeline, and have a schedule for their social media use. Other experts said you can help by sharing positivity, such as by posting something uplifting the next time you use social media.