Dave Grohl admitted he was amazed that drummer Taylor Hawkins would leave a high-end job touring with then-red hot Alanis Morissette and defect to join him and Foo Fighters in 1997.

During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Grohl recalled, “I thought he would never leave Alanis’ band. At the time, they were packing stadiums around the world. And what, he’s going to jump in our red Dodge van and play the f***ing Viper Room again? But within the community of musicians, especially in Los Angeles, there’s a Rolodex that goes around. Drummers know drummers, and drummers are always looking for a gig.”

Grohl — still renown as being one of rock’s most preeminent stickman for his years with Nirvana — explained, “Drummers are like landscapers — you need your f***ing yard cut, they will come over. It’s true. And drummers are also like sharks. If they stop moving, they’ll f***ing die.”


  • The latest Foo Fighters album, Medicine At Midnight, entered the Billboard 200 albums chart at Number Three this week. The band was able to hit the top spot on the magazine’s Top Album Sales list.
  • So far, Medicine At Midnight has topped the charts on the Australian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Irish, New Zealand, Scottish, Swiss, and UK album charts.

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