Community Cares $5 Fund
Oct 7, 2021

The Community Cares $5 Fund will make its official debut to the public on Saturday, October 9th with a 5-day $5 drive event. The event will kick off with in-person opportunities for the public to meat with the team, ask questions, receive information, and to make donations at local businesses. We invite you to join us at the following locations:


Longs Community Store, East Waterford, 9 am-12pm

Thompsontown Market, Thompsontown, 1 pm-4pm

Gridiron Pub, Mifflintown, 3 pm-6 pm


In addition, donations will be available through the organization website and Facebook pages. Please visit our website for more information, and to see details about what your $5 can do!

If you see Hometown Happenings, Let us Know!