Chris Cornell‘s widow says there is a second volume of covers recorded by Chris that will be released. The first volume of No One Sings Like You Anymore was released late last year.

Vicky Cornell told a St. Louis radio station, “There is a volume two. The thing with this volume one, though, that makes it special is that he mastered it, he sequenced it — this is all Chris right from beginning to end. And the other one was mastered, not sequenced, volume two.”

There’s also plenty of music beyond that. Vicky added, “Because he was just such a prolific writer, we’re blessed, because he has left us lots of music. Not in completely finished form, but there’s enough to work with, and the Cornell stamp is all over it. So that’s really special. There’s a lot of music.”

No One Sings Like You Anymore included Cornell’s cover of Prince‘s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Guns N’ Roses‘ “Patience” and John Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels.”

The physical version of the first volume will be released on March 19th. It was originally released for streaming only back in December.