Not having live music sucks doesn’t it? I’m trying to rectify that this morning with todays vinyl cut! I got this album during a record day sale a lifetime ago; Two cuts out of Anthrax’s live set at Sonishpere 2010 (Holy moly that was TEN YEARS AGO?!) Other bands on the lineup for that years festival included Megadeth, Slayer, Behemoth, Stone Sour, Motorhead, the Mighty Metallica, Volbeat and a ton of others… What a show!

The artwork on this vinyl is really one of a kind (check it out below!) and is a 7″ which is not something I usually spin on WCHX just because they are few and far between in my ever growing collection!

I’m looking forward to getting back to live music as much as you are… and hopefully we can be back in the pit together sooner than later!