It’s the first day of October, and with the cooler weather setting in it’s time to warm up with some hot fresh vinyl! I was able to pick this classic up a few weeks ago at Websters in State College where I get most of my records, and couldn’t resist an original pressing of Bostons debut album Boston.

Today’s vinyl cut is track 2 off of side 2, Smokin’ which was originally called shakin’ when it was first written by Boston mastermind (and MIT grad) Tom Scholz and lead singer Brad Delp. In fact, this was one of only two songs on their self titled LP that was NOT written completely by Scholz himself.

This song is referenced multiple times in pop culture from the movie The Virgin Suicides to the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and most notably (in my opinion) in Southpark when Gerald Boflovski goes on an internet trolling rampage.

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