Pink Floyd, Meddle 1971

It’s been 49 years since Pink Floyd released their sixth effort Meddle, and to this day it still holds strong. Lyrically, this album contains contributions from each member of Pink Floyd and does not contain a ‘central theme’ like most Floyd records do after Roger Waters takes over writing lyrics later in the groups career. Since there was no clear direction for the album, the band used several experimental methods (at the time) to get the creative juices flowing. Those methods ranged from each member playing on a separate track during the recording process and not referencing other members, and playing at different tempos. Those “sessions” were later titled Nothings, Son of Nothings, and Return of the Son of Nothings

The artwork on Meddle was designed by Storm Thorgerson, and originally he suggested a close up shot of a Gorillas Anus but, fortunately for the gorilla, was shot down by the band and instead a depiction of an ear underwater was used instead. After several months of recording in between the bands performance commitments, Meddle was released on October 31st 1971, and is Buehler’s Vinyl Cut for this week!

Personally, this is one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums, and to be able to spin it on Vinyl is such a surreal feeling. Be sure to tune in every week for your Vinyl Cut AND be sure to follow me on INSTAGRAM !