Let’s get weird this week… and hang out with the power house trio that is Primus! We head back to 1999 when Primus release what could have been the album that actually ended the band; Antipop. According to frontman and string slapper Les Claypool, tensions were extraordinarily high during this recording session; Claypool said he wanted to focus more time on his family whereas the other band members wanted to focus more on the band and touring and it began to cause riffs. Fortunately Primus realized these internal issues and took a four year hiatus following this album.

During the recording of Antipop, Primus had a large number of guest producers and musicians. In the production category they featured Matt Stone (co-creator of South Park), Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), and Stewart Copeland (the Police). The album also featured some very famous guest musicians such as Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave as well as Tome Waits, and James Hetfield of the Mighty Metallica!

Antipop sees a return to Primus’ heavier sound which is especially present in the track Laquer Head which is also our Vinyl Cut for today! Fred Durst is actually to thank for that decision who is the producer for said track, he told Primus that it would be nice to see a return to their earlier sound. Tune in every Thursday at 8:35 for my Vinyl Cut!