Dumb criminals and good police work usually means bad guys go to jail.

That is exactly what happened Monday morning in tennessee after a robbery suspects ran out of gas during their low-speed chase.

It happened Monday morning when a man identified as Richard Ewing pretended to have a gun at a convenience store and handed a hand written message to the clerk that read: QUICK AND EASY. GIVE ME THE CASH

Police say the 39-year-old stole lottery tickets on the way out. He ran to his minivan parked at the car wash nearby. Ewing then got into a low speed chase going 30 miles per hour with cops in pursuit. Within a minute, the van slowly pulled to the side of the road.

Police say the van, unbelievably, ran out of gas. Ewing went to jail on aggravated robbery… He should have fueled up before he Effed up!