Fred Durst’s New Look is on par

(From Loudwire) You can consign Fred Durst‘s signature red baseball cap to the dustbin of history. The frontman debuted his new look during Limp Bizkit‘s Saturday night set at Lollapalooza, and Twitter users can’t get enough.

The 50-year-old Durst strode onto the stage last night sporting a gray moptop and handlebar mustache, red aviator shades, a button-up shirt and windbreaker that was curiously only zipped at the top. The rap-rocker’s new aesthetic was consistent with the look he unveiled on Instagram earlier this week in his first post since scrubbing his account

Thankfully, Durst’s new ‘do did not signal Limp Bizkit’s foray into yacht rock or lounge act territory. The band unloaded a 10-song set full of the hits and fan favorites that made them multi-platinum superstars at the turn of the century, including “Hot Dog,” “My Way,” “My Generation,” “Nookie” and, of course, “Break Stuff.