What is this weeks Vinyl Cut? You mean WHO is this weeks vinyl cut! We head back to 1971 for a classic Who album, fun fact about this record in particular; it’s an original copy from 1971 that was used at the radio station at Penn State University back in the days before everything was digital!

This week I’m spinning the first track off side 1 “Baba O’reilly’ AKA Teenage wasteland AKA Sleep away camp III: Teenage wasteland AKA one of the best songs ever written! In 1969, The Who were playing the Isle of Wight Festival and at the end of the concert Peter Townshend looked into the field and saw nothing but rubbish and leftovers from the festival leading him to exclaim that it looked like a Teenage Wasteland.

It may be cliche, but this is by far my favorite song by The Who, I first heard it as a kid on the (awesome) TV show House MD and ever since that day the opening keyboard riff has always made me stop what I’m doing, and just listen to the music. Tune in every. Thursday at 8:35 for my Vinyl Cut!