This past week in the backyard saw the addition of some new bands, and also kept you rockin’ with some classic local tunes! Be sure to check out and support the local talent that make the backyard so great!

This weeks lineup includes

Born Lost – Stone Heart Woman, No Take Backs – Flourescent, Eternal Frequency – Head Like a Hole, The Spyders – Lust, Vixen 77 – You Gotta Go, Medusa’s Disco – Sizzle into Oblivions, Befell – Endless Cycle, Velvet Shelter – Rosaline, Stonewall Vessels – Hallmaze, Andrew Pauls – The Land Where Time Stands Still, The Mesos – Girls

If you want your original music to be featured on the show, send an email with your materials to BWB@CHX105.COM or send a message to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Catch the Backyard Bands Podcast as well at WCHX1055.COM!